PHP Web Development

Dev n Design Solutions is one of the leading PHP development company offering robust php development services and solutions through various clients across the globe. We have good years of experience in this field and have dominated the information technology industry with our proven services and tactics.
PHP is more suitable for web development. The web development cost using licensed software or licensed tools is much higher than open source platform. But in comparison, the cost of PHP website development is far less and this lowers the overall cost of the website development. it is essential to hire proficient application developers with comprehensive knowledge of the scripting language, development tools and technologies.

Further advantages of PHP web development:

PHP is a server side scripting language that provides ample opportunities to the developers to explore and experiment. Clients as well as developers get several benefits from this platform because:

  • PHP can be easily embedded directly into HTML.
  • Platform independent can run on Windows Linux or Mac servers.
  • Run faster on the internet and easily integrate AJAX, Callback etc.
  • Easy to learn compared to many other scripting languages. It has a syntax that is easy to parse       and is actually rather human-friendly.
  • Lots of hosting services have it ready to use, no special configuration.
  • Pretty easy to access other web-based tools through PHP i.e. google maps, etc.
  • Lots of good source code out there to use and/or learn from, as well as many useful libraries for       working with PDFs, graphics, etc.

PHP App Development at Dev n Design Solutions

PHP development framework is one of the widely used open source technology. You can initialize the development process immediately without having to purchase licenses. The open source bring various types of applications, modules, widgets and more, you just need to custom them based upon your needs or requirements. It is truly helpful when you need to cut down your development cost.

PHP framework consist of many open source development frameworks like

  • WordPress Development
  • Joomla Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Cake PHP Development
  • CodeIgnitor Development
  • Cohana Development
  • Magento Development

We develop high quality, secure and robust PHP applications within your timeframe and budget. We have skilled experience of PHP web and application development which can enhance your web presence with unique, professional and full functional PHP website and applications that can bring more visitors and increase revenue of your business and industry verticals.

With a strong team of experienced PHP developers and programmers we have created many web applications and websites with feature enhancements that have gained more business to our valuable clients and build a strong reputation among other industries. Our work force is fully dedicated towards its goals of providing the best quality output with limited budget and time period.

Reason for opting our services:

  • Skilled knowledge of PHP development framework and technology
  • Experienced team of developers
  • Round the clock customer support services
  • Full coding security and its handling
  • Quality work with best results
  • Two way beneficial approach
  • Timely Delivery

Contact us today for any of your PHP website or web application needs, and get a free quote. We also deal in hiring PHP programmers and developers on fixed and hourly rates.